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Cable Tray Design And Installation
Fiber Optic Termination And Installation
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IT Services

Partner with Indecom and let our specialists take away the burden of IT Management. Often times office staff become inendated with IT tasks over years of company growth. Indecom will relieve the burden of IT Tasks so that office staff can focus on their primary initatives. Indecom covers most of Arizona's larger cities, below is a list of services offered and certifications on hand.

  • Data Center Design
  • Data Network Configuration and Administration
  • Data Network Security and Firewall Management
  • Routing and Switching Configuration
  • Cisco Certified CCNA
  • HP AIS Certified
  • Microsoft Windows Server Implementation / Configuration / Administration
  • Microsoft Exchange Configuration and Administration
  • Linux Server Implementation / Configuration / Administration
  • VMWare ESXi Implementation
  • WiFi Configuration and Security
  • Thin Client Deployment and Setup


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