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Digital Signage Services

Digital Signage is a fairly new concept involving the use of modern LCD displays and touch enabled monitors to promote and advertise your product or service. When compared to tradtional forms of advertising, digital signage offers superior ROI and customer attraction with constantly updated content that will drive your clients to your goal. With image resolutions up to 4K, interactive and non-interactive, we can combine a mixture of vivid colors, text art, custom video advertising, RSS news feeds as well as streaming custom created feeds and HTML5 websites to produce stunning advertisement displays that are sure to create an eagerness in your clients.

Indecom, LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona based installation/design company offering BrightSign's full Digital Signage solutions. Indecom, LLC can produce turn key digital signage installations built and designed to order. Indecom, LLC can design and manage your next digital signage installation no matter what your requirements are.

  • Public information - news, weather and local information
  • Internal information - corporate messages, safety, news, etc
  • Advertising - related to location of signage or general advertising
  • Brand building - in-store digital signage to promote the brand
  • Influencing behavior - directing customers, keeping customers interested
  • Enhancing Experience - Reducing perceived wait time, recipe or menu demonstrations in food stores
  • Enhancing Environment - interactive screens or with dynamic wayfinding (example - mounted in the floor)


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